Brick is the most classic of all the types of landscape finishing options. If you want to channel some traditional, colonial, rustic, Mediterranean, or contemporary vibes in your landscaping, the team from Curb Appeal Scenes & Scapes can provide exactly what you're looking for. With nearly uncountable applications and uses, bricks can create that exact outdoor space you have dreamed of.

Brick Masonry for Your Outdoor Spaces

Functional meets aesthetically pleasing with brickwork outside your home. This appealing hardscape method is popular with many clients due to its durability and classic look.

What’s great is that bricks are getting life breathed back into them, and suppliers are coming up with new brick and mortar colors for incredible and breathtaking modern combinations. Here are some ways we can utilize brick in your next hardscaping project:

Custom Brick Firepits. Let our team create the perfect outdoor nook for friends and family to gather. Enjoy the cracking of the logs while sitting around your new brick firepit.

Brick Pathways, Walkways, and Patios. Connect your driveway to around the sides of your home and meander through the gardens. Create designated seating areas and patio spaces for your outdoor kitchen. Bricks can be laid in numerous ways to add depth and dimension to all these spaces.

Garden Brick Retaining Walls. Hold soil in place and prevent erosion while providing visual interest and possible seating areas. Retaining walls in a garden provides multiple uses.

Brick Edging and Borders. Define planting areas and create beautiful spaces with bricks throughout your landscaping.

Brick Mailboxes. A classic Georgian design style, a durable and beautiful brick mailbox never goes out of style.

Brick Waterfeatures. Choose this traditional textile to outline ponds and create fountains.

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Let our team help bring your ideas to reality with our design software. We ensure you love your brick choices before moving forward. Best of all, we can incorporate all of our landscaping and hardscaping services into one comprehensive drawing to ensure you will love your entire project. Contact us to learn more by calling 478-662-1525 or filling out our contact form.