Create ambiance throughout your yard and gardens with Gemstone Lights®. These highly durable, customizable, and warranty-backed LED lights come in millions, yes millions, of different color and pattern combinations and are controlled from the convenience of your smartphone. You can change the settings for holidays, events, and even your mood!

Undoubtedly, we stand behind these products and recommend them to everyone we work with. Curb Appeal Scenes & Scapes are Peach, Macon, and Houston County’s reputable and trusted Gemstone Lights® dealer.

The world is available at the touch of a button, and now your landscape and home exterior lighting can also be. Picture this: sitting outside with guests as the sun sets and controlling your exterior and landscape LED lighting colors, intensity, and patterns without leaving your seat. Now you can with Gemstone Lights® from Curb Appeal Scenes & Scapes.

Smartphone Capable Landscape and Home LED Lighting

We love Gemstone Lights® for our clients because:

  • They can be set on sunrise and sunset timers
  • Gemstone Lights® offers 16 MILLION colors and uncountable patterns
  • Floodlights and strip lighting allow for different effects in different areas
  • They are 100% customizable for any home, outdoor space, and garden
  • You can see lowered energy bills with LED lights
  • Gemstone Lights® are low maintenance and last for the long haul (50,000 hours or approximately 23 years.)
  • You are backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty
  • Gemstone Lights® are waterproof and designed to handle extreme weather

We Are The Only Gemstone Lights® dealer in Middle Georgia

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Top of the Line Gemstone Lights® from Curb Appeal Scenes & Scapes

When investing in something as timeless and beautiful as architectural and landscape lighting, be sure to outfit your home and garden with the best. Curb Appeal Scenes & Scapes is proud to be a Gemstone Lights® supply and installation company. For an estimate for your home, contact us at 478-662-1525 or complete a website contact form.