Do not let another Georgia storm pass you by without a rain garden to benefit from it! At Curb Appeal Scenes & Scapes, we are passionate about educating, designing, and installing rain gardens all throughout Central Georgia. These beneficial garden beds almost act as their own little ecosystem, are easy to maintain, and provide some big benefits to both their owners and the environment.

If you are considering putting one into your home, contact our team for a consultation on how we can provide the perfect rain garden to resist drought and deal with your home’s rain runoff.

Beat Both the Heat and Rainfall with a Rain Garden

Did you know that a rain garden is the perfect Georgia Solution to both massive downpours and drought? In addition to being an incredibly flexible garden solution, it also helps protect your home and yard from flooding and is very eco-friendly. Best of all, it looks amazing! Here is what you need to know:

They help manage heavy rainfalls. After a storm event, you can feel good knowing that your home’s landscaping was specifically designed to funnel drainage away from the home and into an area of the yard where the garden can use it efficiently.

Rain gardens help your yard thrive through drought. When the weather swings the other direction, and it’s dry for days on end, you can relax knowing your rain garden absorbed and maintained all that moisture from days passed.

You provide a habitat for bees, butterflies, and birds. That’s right! Rain gardens are chock-full of plants, shrubs, and flowers local to Georgia, so the beneficial insects and animals will thank you by pollinating your entire yard and beyond.

They can save you time and money. When implemented into your landscaping correctly, a rain garden can provide your full garden with reduced erosion of soil and mulches and fewer fertilizer and irrigation requirements. Easier maintenance with better results is always ideal!

Rain gardens are a beautiful addition to your yard. Best of all, this fantastic stormwater solution is much prettier than other stormwater management systems. Who knew a garden could do so much!? (Ok, we did!)

Beauty Meets Function with a Rain Garden from Curb Appeal

These incredible gardens don’t just happen by chance. It involves meticulous planning that considers your entire yard, runoff from your home and existing structures, and your current and future hardscaping and landscaping plans. Thankfully, when you work with an experienced team, we can retrofit a rain garden into your current setup or start from scratch and draw up conceptual plans for an entirely new yard. Whatever you desire, our team will surely deliver a beautiful and functional rain garden you will love.

To reach us to discuss your upcoming project in more detail, please fill out a website form or call us at 478-662-1525.