If you’re considering getting an irrigation system for your yard, we are here to tell you just how worth it this decision is! Save time, water, and money while simultaneously growing healthier, happier plants and lawns. If it sounds too good to be true, we promise it isn’t! Read on to learn all about residential irrigation systems and why your home needs one.

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Healthy and Happy Plants Through Your New Irrigation System

Irrigation systems do so much more than make watering your lawn and garden simpler than ever. They also:

  • Save you time to focus on other tasks as they’re fully automated
  • Conserve water with slow drip features
  • Give plants and your lawn exactly how much they need: no more or less
  • Add a great resale value to your home
  • Suppress weed growth due to overwatering
  • Can lower your water bill

Sounds pretty good, right? If you live in Macon, Houston, or Peach Counties and surrounding areas, our team can outfit your home with a new irrigation system in 5 simple steps:

Thorough Planning. We focus on system layout, slope, drainage, and water pressure to ensure your new system is 100% optimized for your yard.

Assemble Materials. Now the fun begins. Our team ensures that the ideal pipes, fittings, sprinklers, valves, controllers, and backflow preventers are assembled and ready for your property’s unique needs.

Break Ground. With the utmost care for your existing landscaping and structures, our team begins trenching according to the plans.

Installation. Our team lays the pipes, secures the fittings, installs valves to regulate flow, adheres the sprinkler heads, and secures it all to your water sources.

Test and Adjust. After everything is connected and secured, the final step is to program and automate the entire system, which includes double and triple checking for leaks and proper coverage.

Middle Georgia’s Best Irrigation Supply and Installation Company

As with any of our landscaping services, Curb Appeal Scenes & Scapes keeps your safety first and foremost. We check with local code and ensure that all installations are safe and do not interfere with existing electrical or plumbing in the ground. If you want reputable, trusted, and quality home irrigation services, contact us by calling 478-662-1525 or filling out a contact form on our website.